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Aug 01, 2019 06:46:36

Re: Awesome August

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It seems like @craigpetterson is going to have an Awesome August and lots of plan are on his plates. I believe I am going to have a Challenge August as well, for me, it is going to be more challenging, and hopefully, I can pass it and get awesome as well.


  • I have one major project to complete
  • I have one revamp project should be complete, it has been a drag for too long
  • I need to complete a few maintenance works that are pending.
  • I need to re-write a PDF watermark features for an e-commerce store
  • I need to follow up with two major Freelance quotations.


Since I am going to pretty busy on my freelance work, hopefully, I still got some time to work on my product line.

  • Release the WordPress Plugin.
  • Gather Feedback & Working on WebhookHQ
  • Planning for IntegrateWP
  • Revamp portfolio website
  • Continue working on the personal brand on my blog


For the past two months, I didn't do well on the habits part, with lots of thing going on in August, I m hoping to keep up my habits.

  • Finish at least one ebook & one physical book
  • Improve eating habits
  • Continue to lose weight

Normally I set the targets after I review of my past month, this is first time I set the target first, let's see will these change after reviewing how my past month doing.

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    @knight nice one, dude! You got this :D It looks like we have a lot of similar goals, so we should check in soon! Message me if you want to chat privately!

    Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | Aug 01, 2019 22:06:21
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