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Aug 04, 2019 09:36:01

Re: Keep creating

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@ngoctran - love this line: "You had an idea, a tiny seed and you cultivated it so that it would grow."

Are there any other ways we could approach negative comments?

Could we zoom out and question meaning itself? Does anything carry meaning with it, or does it have to be perceived by a mind with language abilities?

What if those abilities are limited?

Does the "hate" in a comment come from them or the meaning we give it? 

Could we evaluate our relationship to words and definitions? Do any of them actually have any causal properties? 

How do words work? 

Rain causes the car window to form droplets -- but the word "rain" doesn't have any moisturizing properties in itself. Yet, in the mind of the person who understands the word "rain", all kinds of imagery can be generated with the proper placement of descriptions and definitions.

Meaning changes with time. Remember the broken down motorbike? In that moment, life sucked. Later, it may have been an opportunity.

What's the opportunity here?

When we have time and space to reflect, it's fun to play with the opposite or alternative meanings of things. 

What if 200 words a day checked to ensure we were using 200 unique words? Wouldn't that be different than 200 any words?

What about when "you suck!" actually means -- "you're such a hard worker you make me look lazy in comparison"? ( and thus actually means, I suck ). 

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