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May 04, 2019 10:46:19

Re: Star Wars

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Happy Math the 4th to you as well @hum

Regarding Sci-Fi / Fantasy - choose a genre from a bag. 

How do we get into anything? I'm wondering if we just have to be a little curious. Curious as in -- we want to know what else? Who? What? Why?

Why don't they all just gang-rush Vader and kill him?

Does killing him make the dark side of the force stronger? -- if that's the case, we're screwed. We can't seem to kill the guy -- it does more harm than good.

We can't reason with him. He knows what's going on, he's just making a choice.

He can't be on the good side, the leadership roles are already taken. Yoda is the guru -- you can't out-Yoda Yoda. Ben - is a strong and wise leader who isn't ambitious. Could we say he's low on testosterone?

And what about the droids? Why don't they show the army of folks programming these -- that would make for an interesting reality show on its own.

We'd get to see all the tests and attempts and design artifacts. Lots of people head down on their screens figuring things out.

People using Canny -- internally and externally to figure out what color to make C3PO ( they liked gold for some reason )

How many people does it take to code a droid? Is it just an AI turned loose? Nah ... he'd have figure out how to overtake Vader.

Thanks for helping me get interested in Star Wars again.

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