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Feb 01, 2019 15:44:44

Remote work

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Sarah Hum

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As people looking to work at an early-stage company, a common thing we're pursuing is freedom. Everyone on the team so far has experience working at a desk job. Going into the office, usually around the same time every day. Working for "the man".

Something about working under those constraints for years makes you want more freedom. A huge aspect of that is having the freedom to build what you want. Another big aspect of that is freedom of location. Soon after we started Canny, Andrew and I left San Francisco to travel.

When we started growing the team, we knew we weren't going to get an office. Everyone was going to work remotely. Remote work allows everyone on our team to be location independent. For Andre, it means he can go back to his UK roots. For Dan, it means he can shoot off to anywhere (as long as there's wifi), whenever he feels like it.

"My name is Dan and I saw your comment while "ctrl+f"ing the word "remote" on the Who Is Hiring post on Hacker News." – Dan

Had we started a home base, neither Andre or Dan would be with us. We'd also significantly cut down our applicant pool. If we had stayed in San Francisco as a bootstrapped startup, hiring would be much more challenging. Competition for talent is fierce and the cost of living is insane.

It used to be pretty common for people to move for a job. Today, it's a whole different playing field. One where remote roles make talent across the world accessible. 

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