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Jul 27, 2019 20:42:17


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Sarah Hum

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Woke up this morning feeling energized and ready for the day. I'm not a crazy early riser but I do consider myself a morning person. I was up around 8 this morning. Not bad for a Saturday!

I made it to the gym! I did some yoga and then ran for the first time in forever. I really don't like running but this time I prepared some videos to watch. The time passed much quicker. I watched Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal do some bad impressions. Spiderman Far from Home was great though.

The cafe of the day was Coffee Island. I'm gluten free right now to see if I might have some intolerance. I was sad I couldn't have any of their pastries. I did some drawing and headed to the grocery store on a mission. I wanted to make gluten free banana bread. 

Made it back home, had some leftover Instant Pot risotto (so good) and then whipped up the banana bread mixture. I ended up making this one that's also vegan. It's nothing like "normal" banana bread but I'm pleasantly surprised. It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

I finally put together packages for my giveaway and I'm feeling accomplished! Ready for a great Sunday!

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