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Apr 08, 2019 21:13:32

Setting expectations for new features

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Sarah Hum

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Using a platform like Canny does not mean you are obligated to build the top voted posts. Your customers should know that. If they don't, it's your responsibility to set their expectations.

Be clear about scope

Features are all vulnerable to feature creep. Not only is it more to build, increasing scope can drastically adjust your ETAs. Be clear to your customers about what will be included. Treat every new feature as a MVP or, rather, MVF (minimum viable feature). You can always add more later.

Under promise, over deliver

As a guideline, multiply your estimate by three. If you can deliver in 2, great! Your customers are happy because you delivered and were ahead of schedule.

If you had said one week, two is no longer great. Things come up, that's how startups work. You don't want to be apologizing to your customers about missing the deadline you set.

Easy! Set your team up for success by communicating your plans clearly.


I just realized I broke my streak and I am so sad. I went out to a digital nomad meetup because I wanted to be social for once. I guess I didn't get home until past midnight and drunkenly ignored my alarm. Sad.

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