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Mar 02, 2019 13:03:54


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Sarah Hum

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After a month in Lisbon, we’re now in Sevilla, Spain! We’ve got a cute Airbnb in a great location. The Feria market and Las Setas De Sevilla are close by. Our coworking space for the month is a 4 minute walk away and we found a great gym nearby. Suffice to say, we’ve gotten pretty good at dropping into a new city and settling in quickly.

Sevilla is known for its tapas so our food options are vast. My stomach is still getting used to the Spanish schedule though. It’s common to have lunch after 2 and dinner after 8. Not sure how I feel about eating a couple hours before bed but I’ll see what happens.

We’ve been to Spain before and have really liked it. Sadly, our Spanish is still very rusty. I found this podcast called LightSpeed Spanish that’s actually been very helpful. We’re starting with the basics with greetings and the alphabet. We’ll continue to listen and practice this month! We’re thinking about taking a beginner lesson as well. 

The weather is amazing so I hope to be out and about a fair bit. The city is very flat so biking around is a breeze. If I was a runner, I’d be exceptionally happy here, running down on the riverfront. We’re super excited to be here and hope to meet some awesome people this month. 

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