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Mar 10, 2019 21:35:52

Sunday night

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Sarah Hum

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I'm sitting in a bar in Seville at an open mic night realizing I haven't written today. The bar was packed when we got here but I managed to weasel my way into the best seat in the house. I have a knack for squeezing myself into small spaces.

As expected, every performance was in Spanish. We heard songs and poems and I didn't understand a word. But I didn't mind because it sounds so pretty. The vibes we're perfect for a Sunday night.

I loved the confidence of everyone who went on stage. Of course, it takes so much courage just to put your name on the list. No matter how off-key they were, they all stood tall and sang proudly.

It reminded me how much I miss singing. Being able to pick up a guitar and singing isn't really a luxury we can enjoy as digital nomads. I should've pack my ukulele!

This night also made me want to learn Spanish. It's sounds so smooth and flows nicely. Although if it's anything like French, I'm not going to be particularly natural at it. Don't know until I try!

They run the open mic every Sunday so in definitely going to be back. 

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