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Aug 23, 2019 07:09:01

The Case for "Locally Fresh"

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In the space of local small retailing businesses, one of the biggest struggles is keeping up with technological advances that consumers come to expect from shopping, while at the same time maintaining and working within a budget limited by the size of the business.

One of such examples is the trend in consumer behavior that has risen out of the popularity of on-demand services like Uber and Door-Dash, both of which now make it possible for a consumer to have food delivered to their home in minutes from virtually any local restaurant.

For the local restaurant industry, this model works because every restaurant has a standard menu of food items from which the customer can choose, and the restaurant has made all necessary supply chain arrangements to ensure every item on the menu is ready to be made and fulfill the order.

This is great, because it enables local restaurant businesses to enter the space and be part of the on-demand economy, a growing trend in markets across the United States and other parts of the World.

However, there are aspects of this on-demand economy that this model does not address, and which leave many other types of local retailers under-served and scrambling to come up with their own solutions to cover their customers needs.

Some solutions already exist which enable local retailers to offer on-demand services to consumers.  This solutions are mostly only available as apps for eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.  However, these solutions are also aimed at "everyone" who can possibly offer in-store pick up and delivery services.  Would specializing in specific verticals (like "Floral", or "Coffee") and tailoring the service to their specific needs provide enough differentiation to create additional value for these customers?

This is what I'm setting up to find through my marketing efforts.  I will document my journey through my 200WAD journal entries and keep everyone posted on the progress here.

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