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Aug 17, 2019 06:38:35

Thoughts on Instagram pt.3

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Sarah Hum

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Another milestone. A month ago, I hit 20,000 followers on Instagram. Yesterday, I hit 30,000. 

I'm still mind-boggled that so many people care to see my art. It's incredibly motivating and one of the main reasons my art has improved.

I started posting around January this year and have grown it organically. At peak, over 600 people followed me in one day. There's no magic here. No hacks, no money spent, no mind games played.

That said, I think there were some things that helped increase my following.

Post consistently

At peak, I was posting around once every other day. During the month of May, artists across Instagram participate in "Mermay" where people draw mermaids everyday. I committed to every other day. In total, I drew 15 mermaids. May was one of the most significant months of growth for me.

People want to see content on a consistent basis. Your cadence might vary but try sticking to a schedule. For me, I've now slowed down to a more leisurely 4-5 day pace. Art takes a long time to make and I don't have that much time after work. When I don't have finished art to post, I still try to show works in progress in my story. 

to be continued…

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