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Feb 26, 2019 23:48:57

Towards 100 Days

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Valentino Urbano

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For the second time this year I got really close to losing the streak. Both times because I was so busy and almost forgot. I got up at 6am for work and came back home two hours a go and I just laid downto relax. Luckily I remembered 15 minutes before midnight. I don't want to rush in a piece that I already prepared since it still neds to be edited and 15 minutes are not enoguh and I can't write the topic I planned to write to day because 15 minutes are not nearly enough to write a complete article on a topic.

It's weird how the brain works, at time you remeber the most pointless stuff, and there are other times when you just can't get a simple word that you know, but you just can't get it out.

Seeing the 100 day mark getting closer is great. I think I can count the things I do every single day for more than 100 days straight on a few fingers. Usually even if you like something and you do it often you don't necessarely do it every single day for more than 3 months. Be it work ( you usually don't work on Saturday and Sundays) and be it hobby (even if you like working on your side projects there is either the day when you're busy with work or the day you are taking a break and going out to enjoy the day).

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