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Apr 28, 2019 22:16:38

Travel days

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Sarah Hum

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We’ve been traveling for almost 2 years now. I’m not sure there’s any day that’s ideal for travel. Or maybe today was just particularly tiring. We didn’t even have any delays!

Today we flew from Las Palmas to Dubrovnik. The flight was at 7am so we woke up around 3:45am to get there by 5ish. We were early, of course. We always are. But probably better safe than sorry. We made it to the lounge and had some corn nuts.

The flight took off on time and we were off. Now that I draw, I have something to busy myself with on the plane. I used to find it so boring. Our 3 hour leg to Barcelona went quite smoothly.

We landed in the B gates and had to transfer to a D gate. Of course, it was on the opposite side of the terminal. It was a short layover so we walked briskly. We had a few minutes to grab terrible burgers from Burger King.

When it was time to board, we got in line and headed down the hallway. Down some stairs, we realized we had to get on a bus. After waiting for everyone else, we took a 10 minute ride to some deserted part of the terminal. All in all, we felt like we’d been standing forever.

I feel so spoiled complaining about this but it frustrates me when systems should be simple, but they’re just not.

We’re in Dubrovnik now in a pretty sweet Airbnb so I guess I’ll shut up.

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