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Jun 09, 2019 07:02:01

Trello to Notion

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I have started to use Notion again, I have a few tries before this but keep coming back to Trello and Notion keep excited me with new features. Although I still waiting for my Notion wish list to come true, I have plans to start using it again to adopt it into my workflow.

At first, I was thinking; this should be easy, import everything from Trello and follow some good setup, it should be fine. I am wrong. It's a lot more then that if you want to utilise Notion and make it fit into your workflow. After configuring Notion for a few hours, I give up the ideas to make it perfect in one go, I going to take smaller steps and migrate slowly.

For those personal & freelance tasks, I going to continue using Todoist to track, since it's been a prove solution for me, I will leave it there for now until I finish my Notion setup.

I start with four main things on Notion for now.

1. My habits building - I talked about the Ultraworking Light Spreadsheet yesterday, I going to put that in my notion setup to keep track my habits.

2. My product tasks - I been using Trello to track my product task, so I am going to migrate all these over to Notion.

3. Weekly tracking - I do the weekly review in quite a manual way, I plan to setup Notion that allows me to track how I am doing in both my product tasks and habits building in one glance.

4. Content engine  - I plan to use Notion to start some content engine to manage all the post I have planned to write here and my other blog.

It's going to take a bit longer, but I want to make sure Notion can fit into my workflow nicely and enhance things that I been doing.

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