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May 24, 2019 22:29:10

typescript is neat-o

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So I finally forced myself to write some TypeScript for real and I don't hate it. ?

Greenfield backend project so I was able to avoid `any` like the plague. That helped a bunch in making TS make sense.

Here's things I liked and things I didn't ?


Do like: automatic imports in @code. Shit's pure magic. Define a function, use it in a file, an import shows up. ?


No like: TypeScript didn't catch a single bug and not once did it have an error that didn't cause more trouble than it's worth.

I know request body might be null but I promise it won't ...


Do like: Using types to define all possible strings for an argument. Gives you helpful hints when using the function too ?


No like: Sometimes you just cannot avoid an `any`. Like when accepting JSON blobs from an API where you specifically want or need to allow blobbyness. 

Because the input type is thus undefined, that `any` spreads through your code like a virus.


Do like: Discovering complex APIs through typings in the @types/X and DefinitelyTyped github repos. So much more pleasant than digging through library code or reading docs.



No like: The verbosity of named arguments. That shit sucks.


I couldn't figure out how to use TypeScript for JSON validation. Seems like it would be a great fit, but what if I don't know the full type? Is there such a thing as partial TypeScript types?

Something like this ....

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