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Apr 29, 2019 14:44:54

Using Canny Internally

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Sarah Hum

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If your team has more than 50 people, it's likely that silos of information and knowledge are forming. Marketing and sales aren't in touch with product or vice versa. Even within the product org, product teams don't know what's going on outside their own domains.

When it comes to giving feedback, people feel left out and unheard. Feedback is exchanged in one-on-one conversations in the hall or in Slack. Usually, there's no conclusion or action plan. However, listening to your teammates is just as important as listening to your customers. 

Many teams on Canny use it internally. We did a case study with Bench Accounting that revealed how Canny was able to build a culture around product feedback.

People don't think of Canny as a software tool, they think of it as their voice. It's their primary channel to get eyes on a problem. It's baked into the culture in a way that gives people a voice they didn't have before. That's the biggest impact Canny's had.
– Joshua Berkowitz, Head of Product at Bench

Check out the full Bench case study.

Let's talk about how you can set Canny up for internal feedback. We'll also go over pitching Canny to your teammates.

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