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May 03, 2019 18:39:34

Using Canny Privately

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Sarah Hum

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Many teams on Canny opt not to use it publicly with their customers. Instead, they use it as a tool to empower customer-facing teammates. This is a completely viable way of using Canny. You still get the big benefit of organized feedback to make informed product decisions. Many larger businesses with extensive support teams prefer this approach.

Using Canny privately means that customers don't interact with Canny directly. Support teams are able to track the feedback they get through support channels like Intercom and Zendesk. We also have feature that allows you to vote on behalf of a customer. This is great to keep track of feedback from sales calls, user research sessions, etc. The goal is to get all feedback privately stored in Canny.

If you haven't decided how you want to use Canny, here are some pros and cons of using Canny privately.


Avoid user errors or bad content

Customers are unpredictable and are free to post anything to your Canny boards. While we haven't seen this as an issue for B2B businesses, some problems may arise. For example, a customer might post harsh feedback from a bad experience. That feedback might not be something you want out in the open.

TIP: Admins can edit posts and comments if rewording is necessary.

Do not expose third party tool

This is mostly a brand decision. Some teams prefer not to expose third party tools to their customers. Instead, they want complete control over what their customers interact with.


Not taking full advantage of Canny features

When we started building Canny, we wanted to help teams collect feedback at scale with minimal effort. By using Canny privately, you are taking on more of the effort. Instead of customers posting and voting themselves, the responsibility is on you. Instead of updating everyone automatically with status updates, you decide how you want to close the feedback loop.

Losing customers engaging with each other

Opportunities where your customers interact with each other are rare. By using Canny publicly, your customers have an opportunity to discuss your product. Sometimes they solve each other's problems. Sometimes they give you additional insight into the problem. 

Losing the added benefit of improving brand perception

Using Canny publicly can enhance your brand perception. It shows that you're committed to listening to customer feedback. People love having a visible voice into products they use. We've seen reviews about our customers that cite Canny as a big benefit. 

Great, so now that you know if you want to proceed with using Canny privately, we can dive into the details. 

…to be continued.

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