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May 05, 2019 07:30:19

What I did In Apr 2019

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What happens in Apr 2019 toward my 2019 Goals.

One of the significant changes this month my little one has started to go nursery, I can more focus on doing my work, but it's just a short two week and he infected by HFMD rest at home.

As usual, I will start with things that I miss & failed.

  • Mid to end April I m in some emotion downtime, I still clock around the same amount of development time, but I feel tired and getting emotion roller coaster quickly.
  • A big failure on trying to be low Carbo intake, when I m down, I try to let loose myself, so I take higher carbo then usual.
  • I failed to write more, and now I doubt on this decision, most likely keep the 200wad streak for now.
  • I still haven't revamped the business site.

It is another productive month in term of my development work, and I clock a little higher than March but not hitting the 100 hours goal yet. But April this month give me some warning while increasing productivity, I need to strike a balance, rest well and provide some space for myself.

Things that are getting better:

  • Learning - I start to spend time to pick up Vue, although still lesser than what I aim for, but at least it's a good start.
  • Reading - Hit my set target but I think can I can improve on this.

Business & Products:

  • WebhookHQ finally launch.
  • Personal developer Journal launch.
  • Building a WordPress plugin is in progress.
  • Building a site to extend 200wad is in progress as well.
  • Finally, finish the Church project and might lead to a more significant project.
  • Working on an e-commerce site
  • Working on a custom CMS project.

It's an ok month for me; there is some sign show that I m overwhelming by my freelance work, it's most likely going to be the same for May. I have to remind myself to rest well and keep these under control.

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    @knight - let me know if I can help you put some words up on WebhookHQ!

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 05, 2019 23:05:19
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      @brianball thanks man, when I start the marketing campaign for it will ask for the help, this month pretty busy with all the work, I doubt i got time to go through it.

      Knight avatar Knight | May 07, 2019 06:37:30
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      @knight - you know where to find me.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 06, 2019 15:42:08
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