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Aug 05, 2019 06:57:42

What I did in July 2019

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What happens in July 2019 toward my 2019 Goals.

The slow month continues, just like June. It's more like a slack month rather than a slow month; I don't feel like doing anything and wasted my time on the big bang theory.

Let's start with the things that I miss & failed.

  • Weight is going up again, fasting & low carbo plan can't strictly follow
  • The WordPress plugin that I build haven't release
  • Didn't finish WebhookHQ revamp
  • Didn't ship meaningful product task daily
  • Didn't spend much time on learning as well

Same like June, I only clock down around 60 hours dev time, it's 30% lesser compared to my full productivity month ( Mar to May), at the same time I spend a little too much time on Netflix, for example, there is 400% usage increase compared to June. I feel shame on myself.

Things that are getting better:

  • Work-Life Balance - Kid's birthday and outing continue and have a few meet up with my close friend.
  • Reading - finally, finish reading the "Make" book.

Business & Products:

  • Freelance business - launch two projects, continue meeting my monthly target and might be expanded with a new hire.
  • Ghost - start to do some Ghost theme customisation & build a  NOW page.
  • WebhookHQ - might be thinking how to pivot to stay focus.

If June is trying to give me a break, then July is really out of control. I feel guilty, but it's already happened. Time to clean up and put me back on track for Aug.

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