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Jul 01, 2019 07:00:14

What I did in June 2019

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What happens in June 2019 toward my 2019 Goals.

It is a slow month; I build a product to join the Maker Festival and won the runner up, then take a short break from my typical routine.

Let's start with the things that I miss & failed.

  • Didn't live the WordPress plugin another month, miss the last steps to wrap up and submit.
  • The Weight management plan on the loose, don't have much success in fasting & low carbo.
  • Didn't finish reading the Maker Book.
  • I try on Notion again but can't make it and back to Trello for the 3rd times.

I log only around 60+ hours code hours ( compare to 9x previous two months ) and nearly one week plus didn't have much coding activity in the night time. Slightly improve on sleeping habits, but I want to push the 80% rate higher.

Things that are getting better:

  • Learning - pick up different tech and even explore Trello & Todoist API
  • Work-Life Balance - having few events with family and enjoy, most of the weekends are bringing family members around and have some me time on Netflix & gaming.
  • Write more - I start to write more on my blog other than just daily 200wad here.

Business & Products:

  • Launch Maker Goal Telegram Bot
  • Won Runner up in 3rd party integration
  • Having my 15-minute fame and some twitter famous because getting retweet by Product Hunt founder.
  • A few new ideas pop, going to priority which one comes first.

I find it myself too slack on June, but at the same times, I decided to give myself a break before the end of Q2 and focus for another boost on Q3.

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