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Apr 02, 2019 06:49:00

What I did In Mar 2019

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What happens in Mar 2019 toward my 2019 Goals.

Let' start with things that I miss & failed.

  • I didn't start to build a WordPress Plugin again, and this is high in my priority list so that it can replace some of my zapier usages.
  • I only finish reading one book
  • Didn't pick up any new tech, I initially thought of pick up Statamic, but the project delayed.
  • Didn't start a personal brand site yet.
  • Didn't revamp the business site.

It's a very productive month; I start to feel excited to do things, a lot of things. It feels like starting a year, although it is already March.

Things that are getting good:

  • 16:8 fasting goes strong; I do it mostly weekdays.
  • Wake up 6 am daily, miss it for once only so far.
  • Ship code daily, going strong for 20 days streak.

Business & Products:

  • Hookeepr 2.0 is on track, relaunch without finish everything, but launch fast, and iterate is my plan. I even plan some simple marketing for the relaunch.
  • Build flash sale on Woocommerce + Paperform.
  • Build donation form on Ninjaform + payment gateway + invocing.
  • Build contest submission engine on Gravityform + Hook Engine.
  • One freelance work drops up halfway, and I feel it is totally fine.

Overall I feel it is a good month for me; the engine is finally started and moving forward. I am looking forward to how April is going to be.

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