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Jun 04, 2019 07:11:21

What I did in May 2019

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What happens in May 2019 toward my 2019 Goals.

After the little one start going to nursery, I can pretty focus during day time and manage to take a break during day time. I was taking a few day breaks between some public holidays until my birthday, but getting addicted to some mobile game and finally, quit it.

Let's start with the things that I miss & failed.

  • The first weekend that wasted on some freelance work and reminded me never to repeat again.
  • I give up on cooking my habits; it doesn't work for me.
  • Low carb intake also didn't last for long, but I will continue working on this.
  • Reading habits seem like not much progress as well, but need to work on this.
  • The WordPress plugin almost ready but miss the last kick to get it live.

I continue to clock 9x hours on May and some small improvements of my sleeping pattern, I m still trying to strike a balance between rest enough and work enough.

Things that are getting better:

  • Learning - Not only just Vue, I pick up quite a few things like Telegram API, Graphql and Start to take a look on Ghost.
  • Improve - get out my development comfort zone and experience with new things.
  • I practice intermittent diet and skip the dinner; it works for me and doesn't feel hungry at night.

Business & Products:

  • Extend 200wad launch
  • Working on a product to join ProductHunt Maker Festival
  • Three new deals in talk.
  • I have completed two freelance projects.
  • Continue working on one e-commerce website & one custom CMS.

I m pretty happily for my May in term on learning, pick up new tech and explore something out of my comfort zone, but it does seem like affect some other part of my life, I guess the main things are still learning how to strike a balance.

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