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Aug 22, 2019 10:42:31

What is the best way to track feature requests?

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Sarah Hum

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Answering: What's the best way to track feature requests? on Indie Hackers


I know this thread is pretty old but I'm going to answer it anyway!

We're building Canny to help teams track feature requests. 

There are hundreds of teams using Canny. They use Canny in one of three ways:

Publicly with customers

Each company account has a subdomain (yourcompany.canny.io) that you can link to in your product. From there, your customers can post new ideas or vote on existing ones.

This approach is the lowest effort for your team. Feedback is automatically organized so you can use the data to make informed product decisions.

Privately with customers

Using Canny privately means that customers don’t interact with Canny directly. Usually this involves customer-facing teammates tracking feedback on behalf of customers. 

This is a great approach if you don't want to expose your feedback while still getting the benefits of organized feedback. We've written specifically about how you can collect feedback privately on Canny

Internally with teammates

If you have a large team, it's likely that people are starting to get siloed into small areas. Many people don't know what is going on in product and feel like they don't have input. 

Having all internal feedback in one place ensures that everyone has a voice. Product managers have a much easier time taking feedback into account when it's all laid out for them.

After you have all your feedback in Canny, you can sort and filter it to uncover insights for your next features. We want you to be confident about your product decisions.

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