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Aug 15, 2019 05:58:39

What's an affordable alternative to UserVoice for non profit organisations?

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Sarah Hum

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Continuing to answer Quora questions to do my 200WaD while marketing Canny.

Here's my answer to: What's an affordable alternative to UserVoice for non profit organisations?

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At Canny, we love supporting non-profits! Shoot us a message to get our special non-profit pricing.

We have hundreds of teams using Canny. Many of them switched over to us from UserVoice. If you're already using UserVoice, we can migrate your data for you.

Propose feature requests

We keep our end-user experience as simple as possible. Your Canny portal has a create form on the left side to collect new feature requests. As the user is typing, we suggest similar posts in case their request exists already.

See all proposals & vote

Next to the create form is the list of existing requests. Your users can easily vote from here or click into the post and see all the details. People often know what they are looking for so there's also a search feature.

Discuss them

Comments are available on every post so people can chime in with additional details. We also support internal comments that only admins can see.

Status of features is clear

You can see the status of a post right next to the post title. There's also a roadmap view to see everything in the works. When you change the status of a post, everyone who voted gets notified.

Simple + quick

UserVoice is built with enterprises in mind. As a result, their product feels extremely feature bloated to the average user. Half the battle is figuring out which features you want to turn on.

We've stripped Canny down to only the features you need. We have a free 14-day trial and you can get set up in no time. Our team is around to help if you need it. 

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