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May 30, 2019 03:42:16

What's next?

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Brian Ball

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What are the skills to develop?

What kind of person is both happy, helpful and gets shit done?

When do we need to change?

What prompts a decision?

How do we pick a single line of inquiry to follow?

What is the best way to spend a life?

How then should we live?

What should we learn?

How should we employ our time?

What is a reasonable number of constraints?

How many questions should be asked before answering?

When we don't know where to start, should we watch Netflix?

Is distraction the best way to handle anxiety?

Should we just watch the building burn?

How should we practice getting into action?

What is design?

What is code?

What is copywriting?

Why do people buy?

Should I think I can make anything worth buying?

Is it reasonable to frame questions in a way the answer could simply be "No." ?

How does a business launch?

What is runway?

What does it require to sell a business?

If you don't create something better than average, can you expect to garner any attention?

Would a post with 50/50 questions and answers be more useful?

Do other people have as many errors as I do?

What's next?

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