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Aug 17, 2019 08:39:19

Writing a Book Series Part 1 - Fear Solving

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Brandon Wilson

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I am using the free Scribe book writing course to guide me through the process of writing a book. The chapter after the introduction is called Fear Solving.

What am I afraid might happen with my book?

  • I'm afraid my book isn't original. There are plenty of books out there about sleep. 
  • I'm afraid I will put all the knowledge, research, and effort into the book and hardly anyone will read it and get value from it.
  • I'm afraid people will somehow make their sleep worse rather than better because of the information in the book.
  • I'm afraid I will come across as too strict about sleep, which will turn off people from hearing the message and taking action.
  • I'm afraid the tips and advice I provide will not work for people's individual needs and circumstances causing me to lose credibility.

Are these fears realistic? Any chance they could happen?

None of these fears are impossible. But I think most of them are unlikely or would only result in minor outcomes or negative effects.

What are the consequences if the fears come true?

  • People won't read my book because the information already exists in books by authors who are more well known or seen as more knowledgeable/credible.
  • Seemingly I did all the work for nothing because no one read the book and received value.
  • Some people with sleep disorders or other challenges make their sleep worse, doing the opposite of what my book promises.
  • People may start to read the book but then stop and take no action because of how the message is delivered.
  • People will read the book, not improve sleep, and give bad reviews or tell people the tips and techniques don't work.

Deal with the fears later!

Part 2 - Positioning

From Brandon Wilson's collection:

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    @brandonwilson Thanks for sharing - I'm pretty sure 99.99% of authors (probably 100% of new authors!) have the same fear.

    I have a scheduled post for tomorrow on looking at your biggest challenge from a different angle - but not just from a different point of view, that's just mental. I've been writing about my new Masterhearting Club, which focuses on the heart, not just the mind, to tackle our challenges.

    You'll have to wait until tomorrow to read it (I'm out so may not get a chance to write) but while it only scratches the surface, as I'm writing the basis for an email series, hopefully it'll provide a kickstart to your work on dealing with those fears.

    Which are, as I say, par for the course, but from what I've read of your work so far, I'm sure those fears will be blasted into insignificance by the positive impact your book will have on people's lives - sleep is a huge issue for so many people in the modern age.

    Courage mon ami!

    Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Aug 17, 2019 18:45:27
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      @arthurkendall Thank you for such kind words. I appreciate your thoughtful response.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Aug 18, 2019 07:16:13
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