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Aug 19, 2019 18:22:17

Writing a Book Series Part 3 - Objectives

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Part 1 - Fear Solving

Part 2 - Positioning

Q1: How do you want your book to serve your readers? What will they get out of it?

  • The reader will understand how important good sleep is and will recognize how some of the current problems he or she faces are tied to inadequate sleep.
  • The reader will realize that the key to achieving success in any aspect of life requires solid mental and physical performance, for which sleep is a foundational pillar.
  • The reader will learn various factors that affect sleep including morning routine, daily activity, diet, and evening routine.
  • The reader will be inspired to take actions to improve his or her sleep by establishing habits and using techniques outlined in the book.

Q2: Imagine it's a few years after your book has been published. What have you accomplished because of the book?

  • I have raised awareness about the importance of sleep and inspired people to take action to improve their sleep with positive results.
  • I frequently get messages from people thanking me for writing the book because it genuinely helped them.
  • I have a blog dedicated to sleep that generates monthly income through affiliate marketing/ad sales.
  • I have partnered with local wellness providers to speak at seminars about how to improve sleep.
  • I have the confidence to write another book.
Kill your fantasies now, to save your reality later.

Be careful not to set unrealistic expectations for objectives out of the gate. Dream big but if you set unrealistic goals and objectives for a book, it won't serve the realistic goals you want to accomplish.

Q3: What is the single event that you will celebrate when the book is out? The "Champagne Moment."

The first time a complete stranger reaches out to me to tell me the book helped him or her take steps to positively improve his or her life.

Part 4 - Audience

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