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May 18, 2019 23:45:25

Writing about X makes X go away, be it good or bad

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Jason Leow

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I'd been noticing this effect writing had on me. If I write about something, it is purging and releasing, whether good or bad. Write about something good, it fades away faster. Write about something bad, it purges from your system sooner.

I previously wrote about how writing changes how I experience my reality. It was building up to this realisation, that all I did was to release it faster. I was enamoured by a certain experience of X, and writing just makes me more aware, more mindful, and with that, loosens any grip and over-attachment to the experience. That's why it changes things. That's why, I was kind of sad when it changed a nice experience I had. 

But the opposite is true too. Negative experiences get easier when you write about it. Purging it from your system doesn't mean it's cured, but it does take out much of the toxins. Daily purging will help in faster recovery. 

So, writer! Write like my life depended on it, because in many subtle but significant ways, it does. Purge the evil, unclench the good. Live a free life, learning from but unbiased by negativity, savouring but unbeholden to beauty.

What a strange magical tool, writing is. It takes no sides, it takes no prisoners. It speeds up the life cycle of anything you bring to it, rising and fading it earlier than if left alone.

So...write. Just write. 

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