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Apr 25, 2019 07:52:42

Written down

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Janne Koponen

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I hate it when I have to write in the evening. I would much rather go to sleep, but at that point I still need to write. There is not much I can do at those moments, except write and think about how I should stick to writing in the morning. On those evenings when I have written in the morning I don't usually even think about it. Sometimes it comes to my mind, especially when I'm tired and want to go to sleep early. Then, if I don't have to write I feel gratitude.

Last evening was one of those evenings. I was so happy when I realized I don't have anything I must do anymore, I can just go to bed. But unlike all the other times it has happened, this time I wrote that thought down. Just one simple sentence.

Due that sentence I'm wiriting this now. Normally I wouldn't probably be writing in the morning on a day I'm not sitting on a train heading to work. This time I remembered because I wrote it down. I remembered the nice feeling from last evening and want to feel the same today. And now I have that chance.


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